Book Review – Beadmaille: Jewelry with Bead Weaving and Metal Rings

When I first received this book, I flipped through it looking at the projects and I felt that the concept of mixing bead weaving and chain maille was an interesting one with pretty results.  I then went and read the book carefully.  Both bead weaving and chain maille are topics with enough complexity that books could and have been written about each individually.  I wondered how the Ms. Pankopf would manage to cover both and also cover the techniques required to bring the two together.

The book begins with the obligatory sections on materials and tools.  Then there is a section on bead weaving and another on working with wire and making jump rings.  The bead weaving section is brief, however I think it is enough because Ms. Pankopf very wisely restricts the stitches used to just a few and the diagrams are clear enough that I think most people will get it.  She also does a good job explaining inner and outer diameter which is vitally important when it comes to using jump rings in projects where some level of precision is needed.

Now, on to the good stuff – the projects.  Three of the projects are shown in the photo above and I love that books are now including rings in the projects.  There are projects that range in complexity from simple to complex and I think they are all explained very well with clear diagrams.  It’s a fun book, the projects are innovative, and the results very pretty.

Photo courtesy of Lark Books

Photo courtesy of Lark Books

One copy of this book was provided by Lark Books for review purposes.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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