Found Object in Neutrals

The off-white object set in this pendant was found at a local waterfront.  I don’t know what it is.  I’ve had several people look at it and they aren’t sure either.  I guess it doesn’t matter because at this point, it’s jewelry.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but the object is somewhat thick – maybe a half inch.  Too tall for anything except a custom bezel and I really didn’t want it enclosed, so I decided to tab set it.  The indentations on the piece were perfect for tab settings.  I also knew I wanted to add dangles below the piece and I didn’t want a cut-out where the bottom tab would be.  So, I created a tab setting with the three tabs and then soldered it to a larger setting that has holes for the dangles and one hole for the necklace to be attached at the top.

The setting and dangles are made of copper that is completely darkened using liver of sulphur.  Once I set the piece and saw the two colors together, I designed the necklace to further tell the story about neutrals.  Because of the many textures and variations in light and dark, I think it’s an interesting piece despite the lack of any strong colors.  The dangles feel wonderful to the hand and make a soft whisper when they move.

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