Setting Irregular Stones

This necklace features a piece of topaz from Devil’s Head in Colorado.  I love that it is rough cut and not polished and smooth.  And I knew I’d have to create a custom setting for it because it was an irregular shape.  For this piece, I chose to make a simple tab setting.  I did a trial in cardboard and once I got the dimensions correct, transferred it to brass.  I did use glue to attach the stone to the base and then wrapped the prongs around it.  The stone looked a little fragile and I could imagine it shattered into little pieces, so I was gentle with the prongs.

I made the chain.  Right now I am loving handmade brass chain.  I like that it is not uniform in color.  I think it adds a rustic quality that works well with the rough cut stone.  My boyfriend brought the stone back from his trip to Leadville, CO where he participated in a 100 mile race.  So, this piece is in my personal collection and I treasure it.  He’s going back to Leadville this year.  Maybe he will bring back more stones – hint, hint.

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