Enameling 101

Today was my class in enameling – my very first class.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but the timing or other factors prevented it.  So, I was thrilled to be able to get into this class.  I knew it was one day only, so I was not sure how much enameling I would get done.  But one day was better than none, so I was in.  The instructor was Richard Salley and he had a very relaxed style of teaching.  I bet you if he cooks at home, he has no recipes or measuring cups.  He was definitely an on-the-fly, just try it kind of teacher.  And since my nature tends to be precise and detailed, it felt good to change the pace a bit.

I was surprised, but within an hour of class starting, we all had completed a piece.  This was awesome.  No drudgery, no tedium, it was fun.  It was a nice group of people and everyone managed to get several pieces done.  Here are some of mine.  We did enameling using torches, not a kiln.  The wire contraptions are holders that we used to hold the pieces while using the torch.  Truthfully the hardest thing about the class was making a holder that actually held your piece.  My first piece fell on its way to the torch, but I recovered and got it together.

Here are some photos from the class.  It was held in a convention center and I wondered how metalworking, torches, and a convention center would work – for the most part, just fine.  There were two friends of mine in the class, it was nice to spend time with them.  Tomorrow, I have another class.  I’m tired from today and excited as well.  So glad to have been able to do this.  I hope you see the influence of this class on my work.  Of course, I have to order some enamels first…

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