Featured on IBN

Today I was so honored to be featured on the front page of the Indie Business Social Network.  I’ve been a member for about ten months now and plan to continue for many years to come.  Some of the social networking I have seen are really nothing more than shameless self-promotion.  I do not find that to be the case on IBN.  People are friendly and helpful.  I’m one of a few jewelry designers in the midst of many members who make bath and beauty products.  I’ve always felt welcome and a huge percentage of the content is relevant to almost any indie business.

I feel that I’ve connected with people through IBN and have learned so much that has improved my blog, website, and other aspects of my business.

Thank you so much for the honor, Donna Maria.

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2 Responses to Featured on IBN

  1. The pleasure was all mine, Charlene! And I just bought the Lynette ear rings and matching bracelet this morning! I really love the colors in that set and I think it will look especially good against my skin as my summer tan begins to show. Thanks for being so wonderful!

  2. thebeaddreamer says:

    You are so very welcome – I’ll have your pieces in the mail tomorrow!

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