My Mini Moo Cards

I’ve been looking at Moo cards ever since I joined Flickr and I finally took the plunge and bought some.  Yes, I already have business cards, but these were just so gosh, darn cute, I couldn’t resist.  I love that they are not the typical business card size which gives them a modern feel.  And I love even more that you can use different photos on your cards – 100 different photos if you want!  All for what I felt was a reasonable price.  I didn’t go so far as to get a100 different photos, I think I may have used about 25-30 photos so I have multiples of some photos.  They even let you specify how many you want of which cards.  Traditional printing kind of forces you into vast quantities of the same card.

I loaded my photos from Flickr which was easy.  There are basic photo editing tools – you can rotate and move the image around a little bit.  You can add a few lines of text on the back.  I did the basics – company name, logo, web, blog and email address.  And they come in this little box with the ticket looking card at the front.  So, so cute.  I can’t wait to start passing them out and seeing cards from other artists.

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2 Responses to My Mini Moo Cards

  1. I’ve always wanted to order Moo cards but just never have gotten around to it. These look awesome!

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      I did the same thing for about forever, and then one night decided to just order them. I’m glad I did. So much better than 1,000 of the same card.

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