From Lawrence

One of the projects I have had on my list for a long time now is scanning old photos.  Some of them are starting to deteriorate and I need to preserve what I can, while I can.  Plus, I love having my photos on my computer because I actually see them.  I have them set up as my screen saver.  If it wasn’t for that, except for a few that are out, they are tucked away in albums, boxes, etc.  I’ve been doing a little bit each week and when I went to scan this week’s photos (which included my niece as a baby, me as a funny looking preteen, and photos of my parents wedding) I saw this photo.

I don’t know who the young man is.  I do not recognize him.  But there is something I find captivating about the photo.  Something about his posture, his face, his uplifted arms.  And the pants, the pants.

I turned it over and it was a photo given to my mother by one of her students named Lawrence.  My mother taught elementary school and growing up there were always photos all over our house that she had received from students.  Most of them are posed school pictures, not shots like this one.  I still am a bit captivated by Lawrence.

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