Cast Glass and Metal

The second class I took at Art and Soul was a cast glass and metal class taught by Susan Lenart Kasmer and her sister Cheri Lenart.  Cheri taught the glass portion of the class and Susan taught the metal.  It was a two day class and the first day we worked on glass because it needed to be in the kiln for very long periods of time.  Our goal was to create two pieces of glass – one cast as a negative and the other as a positive.  I am not a glass worker, metal speaks to my heart, but I thought it would be interesting to try this and I do like cast glass quite a bit.

This is what I made in the class.  I made the glass piece by carving the design in a mixture of plastic and silica trying to think about the fact that the space I was creating by carving would be filled with molten glass in the kiln.  I think I did pretty good, but let’s just say, I’m happy to buy my glass pieces from artists who specialize with glass and I will continue to work with metal for now.

Day two, we started on metal so I was back in familiar territory and I managed to get my piece completed in the class.  This was no small feat because we were using portable butane torches and their flame just felt unfamiliar to me.  I use propane at home and have never had a problem switching to the acetylene torches at Penland.  But these butane torches were a different story.  Anyway, I got my piece finished and I am happy with it.  I came home inspired and got to work as soon as I could.

The class was a couple of weeks ago.  It took me a while to get this up because of the drama created by a bird getting in the attic and then the dryer.  Sometimes life interferes with art.

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