Bracelet in Progress

When I blogged about a three-strand bracelet I made recently, I mentioned that I wanted to explore some other ideas when it came to bracelets.  I love bead bracelets, but want to add more variety.  So, I looked at the elements I was enjoying with my necklaces and decided to extend them to bracelets.  One thing I have been enjoying is the use of found objects in my jewelry – necklaces in particular.  So, I thought, why not use them in bracelets too?

I rummaged through my box of found objects and other goodies and saw this seashell.  I laid it on my wrist and decided is would be beautiful in a bracelet.  I then selected the lavender beach glass and white ceramic shard you see above.  I decided to work in copper because I knew a lot of metal would be needed and wanted to keep the cost reasonable.  Plus, copper and purple are good friends anyway.  Starting with paper patterns, I created custom settings that fit each piece.

Once I had them made, I assembled the three pieces together and then thought hmmmm….  For some reason, the size, color, flatness, and amount of tabs came across a little bondage-y to me. Kinda like some of the shoes that are in fashion at the moment.  The other problem was the weight of the three elements together like this.  If the rest of the bracelet consisted of chain, then weight and gravity would pull these three pieces below the wrist and the wearer would be looking at the clasp all day long.  So, I think the concept is a good one, it just needs tweaking.  And I have consistently found, if I can identify the problem, I can usually solve it.

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