Christiane Necklace

This necklace started with the large faceted glass drop at the bottom.  I saw it at a local bead store and thought it would make a great pendant for a necklace.  At the time, I did not imagine this.  Rarely do I have designs in mind when I buy beads or other components.  It sat in a little dish on my work table, waiting patiently for me to finish some other pieces.  When I turned my attention to it, the glass drop hanging by itself from the necklace cord seemed, well, abrupt.  So I decided to add another element to the pendant.  I laid the glass drop on a piece of paper (I use last year’s calendar pages) and sketched this shape.  I don’t know why this shape, it just seemed to work.  It looks a little like a face now that the rivets are in place – that’s accidental.

The blue piece of metal came from a child’s bucket I got at a yard sale.  I loved the shade of blue and decided to incorporate it into the piece.  It’s riveted to textured, darkened, brass.  The necklace was a bit of a balancing act.  The pendant wanted a necklace that was subtle, but not too subtle, had colors, but not too many, had interest, but not too much.  That sort of thing.  I think I hit the right note with the colors, sizes, and shapes I chose.  And there’s more of the bucket left for other pieces.

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  1. That’s just amazing beautiful — what a fantastic combination!

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