Necklaces and Scarves

Scarves are big this summer and I just love it.  I think they add interest, color, and texture to even a simple outfit and wearing a scarf does not mean jewelry has to go by the wayside.  I saw this beautiful outfit that combined a scarf and necklace and just had to incorporate this look into my wardrobe.

Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

Here’s my version.  I’ve had this scarf forever.  It’s a small square, I love the various shades of blue and I got it from Talbot’s a really long time ago.  I’ve kept it through seasons when scarves were not in style and seasons when they were.  I tried it with one of my favorite necklaces.  I made the pendant when I was at Penland School of Crafts in 2008.  The necklace is named “Door to the Garden of Midnight” and you can read about its creation here.

Just like with the outfit from Anthropologie, I think the combination of the scarf and necklace looked better than either accessory would have alone.  The only problem I had was that the scarf wanted to move around a bit.  The model gets to stand there, our outfits have to work in real life.  So, a carefully placed safety pin or two might be the answer.

Another type of scarf that works just beautifully with necklaces is the long, thin scarves that are worn wrapped close around the neck with the ends hanging in the front.  The space left at the front of the chest leaves the perfect space for a necklace.

This is another of my favorite scarves.  This one is handmade with gorgeous velvet burnout and I purchased it at the SCAD store in Savannah, GA.  I love the colors with my Rochelle necklace and its labradorite and chrysocolla gemstones.  Once again, they both help each other (and hopefully me) shine.  So, enjoy this summer’s emphasis on scarves and add coordinating necklaces for a beautiful touch.

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2 Responses to Necklaces and Scarves

  1. Fantastic! I would never have thought of combining a scarf and a necklace – but it looks great. I’ll have to pull out some of my scarves and see what I can come up with. Thanks!

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      I’m glad you like the idea. It’s especially nice when you can shop in your own closet and bring new life to something you already own.

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