Beach Glass Earrings

Maybe because it’s summer, maybe for no reason at all – beach glass has been creeping into my work here recently.  This time in a pair of earrings.  I set the pieces of beach glass in darkened copper settings that I cut by hand.  I placed black and white graphical images behind the glass to add dimension and interest.  Of course finding two pieces of glass that are even close to identical is pretty much impossible, so I evened out the length by adding two aquamarine chips to the shorter earring and one chip to the other.  Amazingly, the earrings are just about the same size.  For the very top, I cut little circles out of brass, textured and darkened them and curved the very slightly.

Here’s to summer, fireflies, watermelon, long days, and pretty earrings.

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2 Responses to Beach Glass Earrings

  1. So very creative! Wonderful job!

  2. Moondancer says:

    Oh these earrings are lovely.
    I haven’t created any jewelry in a while, but I’ll have plenty of time to do that while I’m on vacation.

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