Scent, Color, Texture

I am working with copper wire right now, learning to make some new shapes, work with it in different ways.  I’m just spending time with it, not trying to make a finished piece of jewelry, just tinkering.  And I’m surrounded by scent, color, and texture.  I can smell the fresh, ripeness of the peaches and plums on the table in front of me.  And I love the different shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple.  My colored pencils are here because I’ve been sketching.  A jar, cup or mug of colored pencils beckons one to sketch and create.  The ceramic bowl has a smooth black surface on the outside, with a tan textured surface inside.  The textures are interesting and get along nicely with the fuzziness of the peaches.  And I love beautiful batik fabrics like those below the bowl.  I don’t sew – I know how, but I don’t – yet I just love these fabrics.

It’s summer and the longest day of the year and I m surrounded by wonderful things.

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