Beach Glass Necklace

I think this is the third piece I’ve blogged about lately that featured beach glass.   This time in the shape of Kentucky.  At least that’s what it looks like to me.  It’s been a good week.  I got to spend time at the beach and time with my family and it was just good.  I collected some shells at the beach – ones that might be considered – let’s not say ugly, let’s go with not so cute – as shells that might be more desired by people.  I was drawn to them because their coloration was so neutral.  We’ll see if I can do anything with them.  At least they are collected and wanted.

Back to the necklace.  It looks all nice now.  But it took me a while to actually make the setting.  I started it and then it sat and sat and sat some more.  It might be because there are differences in the height of the glass that I knew would require some careful file work to get the setting to look nice.  Well, whatever the cause of my procrastination, I got over it and got the glass set.  I tried a different bail this time – one that looks like a crescent roll.  I made it by cutting a small triangle out of silver, annealing it, rolling it up, and then soldering it to the setting.  I’m happy with how it turned out and think it also gives the pendant a lot more strength than a single jump ring.

I used lavender ceramic beads, purple and grey glass beads, and some landscape stone beads for the necklace.  Here’s to more long summer days and if it means more beach glass jewelry, I’m fine with it.  I will not however, try to find the other 49 states.

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  1. JamieDedes says:

    Good post. Great blog. Thanks!

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