Teeny Tiny Eyelets

It’s the little details that sometimes make a big difference and I think that’s the case with these earrings.  When I buy metal, it’s in sheets and it looks very hard, very machined.  I love taking that metal that has no handmade qualities whatsoever and adding my touches to it, making it come alive in a handmade design that bears no relation to its machined beginnings.  Filing and sanding are probably the unsung heroes in this process.  Done right, you don’t notice them and I try to always do them right.  I then begin adding texture, marks, doming or otherwise reshaping the metal and darkening the recesses.

For these earrings, I also added tiny brass eyelets.  At least that’s what I’ve seen them called in the paper crafts/scrapbooking world.  In the metal world, they are tube rivets.  Either way, I think they add a beautiful finishing touch to my design.   With so much metal loveliness going on, I decided handmade earwires were the only way to finish these off.

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