A Little Adjustability

One of the things I like about doing art and craft shows and other events where I have my jewelry out in front of the public is how much I learn.  And one thing I heard a while ago that I have worked to incorporate into my work is adjustability.  We are all different shapes and sizes and even on the same person, the neckline of a garment can create the need for a different length necklace.  This is especially true of bracelets.

Where I can, I’ve been adding extra links so that the bracelets can accommodate more wrist sizes.  For some bracelets on my website, I’ve even added verbiage to the effect that I can add or remove links if needed at no additional charge.  And for customers in my local area, I create custom sized bracelets where needed.  We all want pretty things and sometimes standard sizing just doesn’t do.  At those times, little adjustability goes a long way.

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2 Responses to A Little Adjustability

  1. I, too, believe that everyone should have something that fits just right!

    • thebeaddreamer says:


      Women, especially those who find standard sizing to be wrong for them, really appreciate being able to accessorize themselves with jewelry that works for their bodies and needs. I think the handcrafted jewelry market is an excellent resource because of our willingness to do a little tailoring, a little adjusting to fit the customer.

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