Adding Splashes of Color

I’m making progress with enamels and love the vibrant colors that are coming into my work as a result.  I’m still very new at it and know I have a lot to learn, but I’m enjoying the tiny amount I’m able to do.  I cut out several shapes from copper sheet, curved them slightly, and then enameled them.  These earrings are some of the results.

I have a lot of colors to pick from – both opaque and transparent.  I haven’t even made it into the transparent ones yet.  I’ll get there and look forward to seeing the variations I can achieve with different colors underneath them.

It took a little while to get set up to do this.  I ruined the first couple of pieces and then got the hang of it again.  It’s been a while since I took the class and I needed the enamels to come in and that took a little time.  I did have one mishap and burnt a small area of my work bench.  However it is a work bench and dings, marks, and scuffs are part of what shows its been well used.

I’m working on cutting out more shapes, thinking through combining colors and effects and hope to have more to show you very soon.

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