Jewel Embellished Tops

I was in AT Loft yesterday browsing around.  I didn’t need anything, I was just looking.  I also call it “jewelry research” – keeping an eye on what’s happening in accessories.  I noticed a lot of tanks and tees embellished with jewelry.  Embellished clothing has been stylish for sometime now and I love it.  But rather than the embroidery that was everywhere a while ago, this is more jewels, chain, ribbon, and lace.  Some of the jewels are actually sewn onto the garments.  Others are detachable – my preference both because of concerns about washing the item and because of my desire for versatility.  I want the option to wear the jewelry with other clothing and the top with other jewelry.

The top shown above from Neiman Marcus is definitely a bold choice.  The designer used chain to make what comes across as fringe and its definitely attached.  Even with all of the chain, I think you could still do earrings.

This top from Eli Taghavi very gracefully intertwines a necklace and top.  The necklace becomes a structural part of the top lifting some of the fabric and adding dimension.  And below, one of the tops I saw at AT Loft.

The embellishment almost looks like a separate necklace, but it’s actually made into the shirt.  All three are very pretty options and if beads, jewels, and chain are involved, I’m in.

Disclaimer:  I have not received any clothing or compensation from any of the brands included in this post.  These are my choices and my opinions.  Although, if anyone wants to send me clothing or jewelry to review, I’ll gladly accept it and fully disclose the fact.  Photos are courtesy of Neiman Marcus, Eli Taghavi, and AT Loft.

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