One Sweet Customer

One of my customers sent me these beautiful treasures – isn’t she a sweetheart!!  She was vacationing recently in the Lake Champlain/Maquam Shore area and picked up these lovelies while walking along the beach.  I love working natural elements like this and am enchanted by the soft colors, weathered textures, and subtleties in the rocks and pebbles.  I think they will make beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Lake Champlain is a natural, fresh water lake located mainly in Vermont and New York, but also reaching into Canada.  It is very different from the waters in my local area.  I live on a peninsula, surrounded by salt water.  I’d love to visit Lake Champlain someday.  Here’s a photo from Wikipedia.

I think the colors in the photo have the same quiet beauty as the little stones.  Just lovely.

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2 Responses to One Sweet Customer

  1. Sharon Bockus says:

    Your customer that sent you these beautiful stones is my good friend. These stones are just a small example of the many wonderful ‘treasures’ that lie along the shores of our beautiful Lake Champlain, which also happens to be my front yard. Your customer and her husband were my across the road neighbors for the week that they were vacationing here. Have fun with these beautiful stones creating another form of beauty; and, I too will be anxious to see what you create from the many treasures that she found while walking the shoreline of our beautiful Maquam Shore!

  2. Oh you lucky girl! Just look at all those colors and patterns!

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