Real Flower Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Fleurings

Flowers have long been used to accent women’s beauty and the thought of flowers close to a woman’s face never fails to bring Billie Holiday to my mind.  That single gardenia tucked behind one ear created a signature look that perseveres even to this day.  Flowers have also appeared in jewelry for ages.  Whether formed in metal, clay, glass or other materials or preserved in glass, resin, or through other methods, flowers inspire artists and artisans alike.

So when I saw jewelry that featured real fresh cut flowers, I had to share it.  They are from Fleurings and aren’t the images beautiful?  I have not tried wearing these so I don’t know how practical they are.  I don’t know how hard it is to keep the flower facing the correct direction.  Or how hard it is to keep the flower and water actually in the necklace or earring.  Fleurings does offer suggestions on their website to overcome these potential issues.  And they’re just so darn pretty that you hope it works.

Disclaimer:  No products or other compensation was provided to me.  I selected this jewelry to blog about based on my own interests and the opinions expressed are my own.

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3 Responses to Real Flower Jewelry

  1. i really like Fresh Flowers because they are very beautiful -:;

  2. i love the smell of fresh flowers, they can really make my day so beautiful**~

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