The Color Greige

Greige, a color that’s a mix of gray and beige, has been a hot color this year.  I first heard about it with the Chanel nail polish.  My sister tells me that in her area, there have been waiting lists and even altercations over some of the Chanel nail colors.  Yikes!

Greige has also made its way into the bead world with Swarovski’s recently introduced line of greige beads.  I like the color, I think it’s a sophisticated neutral and can’t wait to get  my hands on some of the beads to start designing with them.  So, is greige really a new color?  Or is it taupe with better PR?  Who knows, and does it really matter?

Not only is greige a beautiful color in accessories, it’s also gorgeous in clothing.  Both the outfit and bag – killer.

Bead photos courtesy Rings and Things, nail polish photo courtesy Chanel, clothing photo courtesy Doncaster. Disclaimer:  I received no products or compensation from any of these companies for this post.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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