Accessorizing Black and White

Black, white, or black and white outfits have been classics forever.  And they can be accented so beautifully with jewelry and accessories.  Of course, obvious accessory color choices are black and white themselves.  Metal jewelry, whether bright gold or silver tones, or more burnished bronze and copper tones can be very chic with black and white clothing.

And don’t forget bright colors, vibrant tones like red, cobalt blue, turquoise, yellow, fuchsia, just to name a few.  Bright colors and black and white do so much to bring out the best in each other.  I was inspired to write this post by a black dress with white trim that’s new for me this summer.  I love the dress and I’m wearing it with the turquoise and black glass bead necklace shown below.

It may just be me, but soft pastels just don’t come to mind when I think black and white clothing.  For me, it’s a time for something bold.

All jewelry shown is Bead Dreamer jewelry.  The clothing photographs are courtesy of Shabby Apple and Revolve Clothing.  Disclaimer:  I received no compensation from either clothing company and the opinions expressed are my own.

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