Fall 2010 Look – The Messy Chain

Messy chains – jewelry looks made from layers of chain in mixed or similar metals- were popular this past spring and sources say the look will continue into fall 2010.  I think it’s a fun look and one that is probably harder to achieve that it’s name or initial appearance might suggest.    The necklace above is from Gemma Redux and I love that color is introduced with the use of beads.  Also from from Gemma Redux are these coral and messy chain earrings.

So, where did the messy chain look come from?  Was a smart and stylish trendsetter running late one day?  Did she grab a chain only to have a tangled mess of them come out of the jewelry box, look at the mess and think – I don’t have time for this, I’m wearing it and I will act like I meant it and it’s a new trend.  Or did huge stockpiles of pieces of chain amass in a warehouse somewhere and a crafty guy or gal think – you know, I can make something with all of that chain.

I don’t know how it started, but the look is here with us now and it’s one to have fun with.  I also bet there are some of you out there with DIY inventiveness and a mess of old chains yourselves who can work up your own creative versions.  Enjoy.

Photos courtesy of Gemma Redux and Bloomingdales.  Disclaimer – I did not receive any products or other compensation from either company.  I like the messy chain look and the opinions expressed are my own.

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