Rough Cut Gemstones

Most jewelry designers like myself love coming across an unusual find.  One of those finds, at least for me, is rough cut semi-precious gemstones – meaning gemstones that have been cut into rough shapes with no polishing to smooth the surfaces.  I don’t see them very often, so when I do, I’m usually intrigued and a strand or two always manage to make it into my bead stash.

The rough cut agate gemstones in the bracelet shown above are an example.  I love the combination of their rough edges with smooth pearl and crystal beads.  I remember the first time I saw an uncut diamond used in a piece of jewelry.  It was an article in Ornament Magazine about jeweler Todd Reed.  The pieces were devastatingly gorgeous and I jut loved his vision of using diamonds in a rough uncut state.

I also managed to find a strand of rough cut blue lace agate and again enjoyed using the stones as a way to bring contrasts in textures in a piece of jewelry.  I love seeing beauty in stones that have had fewer finishing touches by human hands and show more of their rugged, natural state.

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One Response to Rough Cut Gemstones

  1. Claire K says:

    I love the unpolished look. With a rough cut stone, each one is an original. I wonder if there are any types of stones that you think tend to work better this way?

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