DIY Jewelry Storage – Post 2

Photo Courtesy Design Sponge

Today’s blog post is a continuation from Monday’s post about DIY jewelry storage options.  Shadow boxes can be used to store jewelry.  This idea is from Design Sponge and isn’t it just plain pretty?  Like it can be a room accessory and jewelry storage at the same time kind of pretty??  Their post shows several variations of these, each equally lovely.

Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy suggests a plain ol’ cork board.  I think this one works because everything is aligned so neatly.  Of course, the trim could be painted or covered with ribbons or other materials to dress it up.

Photo Courtesy Diary of a Style Addict

Diary of a Style Addict brings a bit of nature indoors with this tree branch jewelry organizer.  I’ve also seen tree branches embedded in containers in an upright position and used for jewelry storage.

Photo Courtesy Anne Marie

This idea from Anne Marie uses a picture frame and window screen.  Anne Marie shows how to make it with photos illustrating each step.  The mat board used can be selected or embellished to match your room decor.

Photo Courtesy Design Sponge

I’m definitely in the if I see it, I’ll wear it camp when it comes to jewelry – clothing too.  So most of my jewelry is out in the open.  But for those of you who prefer more covert operations, here’s an another idea from Design Sponge.  Click for a list of materials and step by step instructions.    No matter how you store your jewelry treasures, I think two things are important.  One, keeping the jewelry free from damage and tangles.  And two, choosing an option that helps you know what you have so you wear it.

Disclaimer:  I received no compensation from any of these individuals or companies for this post.  I just liked their ideas.

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