Shades of Black

Jewelry that’s made with a single color doesn’t have to be boring.  Beads come in so many different textures and finishes that it’s possible to create interest while working with one color – in this case black.  I tend to use black as supporting cast very often because of its ability to make other colors pop.  But, once in a while, I’ll make a piece that’s all, or almost all, black.

This piece got its start when I saw the matte finish snowflake obsidian daggers in my bead box.  I bought them because they were beautiful and because they were different.  Different can be a double-edged sword when working with beads, in this case it worked out.  I combined them with shiny black glass thinner daggers, rounded black teardrops (also called light bulb beads), and other black beads with an iridescent finish.  A bit of chain at the back keeps the eye focused on the daggers and drops.

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2 Responses to Shades of Black

  1. karlia washington says:

    Hi my name is Karlia and I am interesed in knowing if you by chance sell gold filled noodle tubes in which I can make bangle bracelets. I live in the Tappahannock area and don’t mind traveling if so.

    Thanks in advance,


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