Signs of Autumn’s Approach

My town’s high school football stadium is not very far from where I live.  Not close enough to be a nuisance, but just close enough that on Friday and Saturday night in the fall I can hear the faint sound of the drums from the marching bands.  And the nights have gotten cool enough that I can have the windows open some of the time.  Those sounds and those cooler nights and the little bit shorter days are signs that fall is on the way around here.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not done with the heat around these parts, not yet.  But still, things are changing.  And so today, I thought I’d share these chandelier earrings in autumn shades.  What I liked about making these was coming up with a way to create a chandelier earring that did not involve the use of a purchased chandelier component.  It was kind of like solving a puzzle of some sort.  The end result I think is fun and I love the movement the wearer gets as the earrings swing and sway.

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