Special to Me

It always starts out the same.  I have this bracelet/necklace/pin and it’s not real, or it’s just costume jewelry, or it’s nothing fancy, or it didn’t cost very much.

And it ends the same.  But, it’s special to me.  It means a lot to me.  It was my mother’s.  My sister gave it to me.

And it’s broken.

And so, where I can, I help.  And I tell women, don’t apologize because of how much it did or did not cost.  That jewelry made from certain materials are no more “real” than jewelry made from others.  And that if it’s special to them, then it’s special.  Period.

These are two bracelets that a friend brought to me for a little resuscitation and rejuvenation.  And she said words just like those above.  And I told her what I thought and I fixed and updated her bracelets as requested.  And she was ecstatic.

Here they are below in their “before” shot.  The brown and tan one shows signs of much love and wear.  The purple one was her mothers and she liked most of it – she wanted me to change out a few beads and adjust the size so she could wear it.

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