Hoping for a Class

I am doing fairly well with my enameling.  I’m able to make some basic things.  But, I want to do more and I’ve also run into a few problems.  And even though the first (one day) class gave me a good jump start, I know it barely scratched the surface of a very complex topic.

So, I started looking for another class.  One within a reasonable distance of where I live.  And could not find anything.  Google search after Google search – nothing.  I live in a nice area.  Why is it enamel-class-less?  So, I cast a wider net and looked in some neighboring states.  I found one in Asheville, NC (a place I love) but the timing was wrong.  I also found one at Ornamentea in Raleigh, NC which is quite a bit closer, but again bad timing.

So, in desparation, I emailed the lady who was teaaching the class at Ornamentea and asked if they would be scheduling the class again.  She emailed back and said she had a couple of other people wait-listed and she would try to get Ornamentea to schedule another class.  I have fingers and toes crossed on this one!

In the meantime, I bought Linda Darty’s book, The Art of Enameling and am working through a section each week.  I’ll let you know how that goes too.  And, if you’re looking for an enamel class too and can get to Raleigh, NC, call Ornamentea and let’s get this class scheduled.

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