Handmade from Costa Rica

My boyfriend just got back from Costa Rica and brought me these earrings.  He plays classical guitar and went to play in a guitar festival.  And he told me he had the hardest time finding something made in Costa Rica.  I understand because I had the same problem in Puerto Rico.  I wanted to purchase something made in Puerto Rico and so many of the shops had souvenir items made in China or Indonesia – not Puerto Rico.  And apparently the same is true in Costa Rica.

But, her persevered and found this market.  And after looking around he found earrings.  Handmade earrings.  Made in Costa Rica.

These lovely ladies made the green earrings with all of the wire components and also the orange wire and string earrings.

And, this gentleman made the feather earrings.  I appreciate my boyfriend thinking about me and going to the trouble to find something handmade.  I love the earrings and the feather ones feel like whispers when they touch my neck.

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One Response to Handmade from Costa Rica

  1. Chris says:

    A boyfriend responds…

    I was determined that I would return either with something I felt good about or with nothing. I preferred the former. About the only free time I had was 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon. I walked miles, finding nothing. I finally gave up in disgust and began walking north looking for a bar with reasonable princes on Imperial beer. That’s when I discovered this tent city full of wonderful work and lots of nice people offering free Spanish lessons.

    As I left a downpour began and I did find a bar with very reasonably priced Imperial… but that’s another story.

    I must admit that while I like them all, my favorites are the feathers. So on the flight back filling out the customs form, were these in fact animal parts? Were they from some endangered bird? I didn’t know, but I was pretty certain that ‘yes’ was not a good answer.

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