So That’s How it Goes

I am a really new enamelist.  I had the chance to take one 8-hour class and the rest I am figuring out on my own with help from books and the web.  And I do have a couple of classes coming up – so there is hope for me.

In the class I took, the instructor had us make devices out of iron wire to hold our enameled piece.  We would then set the wire holder on a tripod without the screen and torch fire it from below.  I really had trouble getting my holder right.  Either my piece would fall off or the entire holder would slip off the tripod.  So, I felt like I needed to look for a better way.  Especially after I burnt a small spot on my worktable.

So, when I ordered my sample kit of enamels from Thompson’s, the lady asked it I wanted a trivet to use for firing and I said yes.  I figured I try it and see if it worked better for me than the wire holder.  The photo above shows the trivet with a piece of enameled copper on it.  This is how I tried firing something and I had a devil of a time really getting the heat to the piece.  So I started looking on the Internet for some help.

Well, a little knowledge goes a long way.  I found this photo tutorial on Flickr where RubyGirl Jewelry shows the correct way to use the trivet.

I was using it upside-down!  I could only laugh at my mistake and now I can see how the trivet creates room for the flame to reach the piece.  Knowledge is beautiful.

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2 Responses to So That’s How it Goes

  1. Claire K says:

    Everything is so obvious once you see it. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who occasionally does things backwards.

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      I know – isn’t that just life for you. I love how helpful people are and how willing to share what they’ve learned. Hopefully something I’ve posted has helped someone else in some way.

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