Out of Nowhere

I normally have a sense of where I am headed with a design, but once in a while one comes from out of nowhere.  Like this necklace.  I decided to work with the pendant.  It’s a piece of sea glass that I etched into and then created a custom tab setting for it.  I laid it over a graphic that echoed the etched pattern.

And I thought I would make a necklace of small to medium sized beads that harmonized with the color of the pendant.  And the pendant said “no way, no how”.  It wanted big beads and it wanted a bold pattern, so I gave it what it wanted.  I would not normally put a pendant this size with large beads, normally I would think the scale was off.  But, I love it and think the design actually works – both from a scale and color perspective.  Sometimes you gotta just roll with these things.

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