Now on Facebook

I know.  I know.  I’m like the last person on the planet, but I’m finally there.  And now that I’ve done it, I wonder what took me so long.  I’m looking forward to interacting with people and would love it if you would hop over, take a look, and leave a comment, or “like” the Bead Dreamer’s page if you feel so inclined.

I’ve still got a lot to figure out about the world of Facebook.  But, I’ll get there.  I remember my first few tweets on Twitter and learning how it worked.  And my first few blog posts.  And part of me wonders, what’s next?  Not that long ago, none of us had even heard of Twitter.  So, I’m guessing there’s something else that will be the next big thing.  And, I’ll figure it out too.

All in good time.

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