Men’s Jewelry

In the two years since I’ve been blogging, I have never written about men’s jewelry.  And I’ve never made men’s jewelry either.  But, you know how much I like jewelry and I thought it might be nice to break with tradition and showcase a little something for the guys.

It seems like men fall into two camps when it comes to jewelry.  Some men keep it totally utilitarian and only wear a wristwatch and wedding band, if they are married.  That’s it and they aren’t interested in even considering anything else.

Then, there are those men that like a little more adornment.  Maybe a college ring, a cross or religious pendant on a chain, or a small pierced earring.  And there are those fellows that take it even bolder than that with their jewelry – bigger chains, pendants off leather cording, bracelets, and blinged-out earrings.

Cuff links are one of those men’s jewelry items that I think can bridge both worlds.  They can look oh so smooth and sophisticated.  They can also look a little bit sexy.  And can have a bit of edge.  I love the pair from Fabulous Collections shown in the photo above.  The color surprised me and I thought – how fun.  Imagine sitting in a meeting with a nice-looking man across from you dressed in business attire – navy suit, crisp white shirt, expensive looking shoes – and then glancing at his wrist and seeing the surprise of pink cuff links.

These cuff links have a more contemporary and urban feel.  Stainless steel may be an expected material for a cuff link, but the rubber accents definitely add a modern element.  I can totally imagine a dashing man with a dress shirt, untucked (or maybe quarter tucked), with jeans and these cuff links adding a bit of pizazz.

This pair has the most classic look of all three.  They are named Ink and Salt and I just love the name.  Black, white, and silver are beautiful together and the subtle details in the center add to the overall elegant look.

So ladies, I’ll be back to women’s jewelry tomorrow, but today is devoted to the gents.

Photos courtesy Fabulous Collections.

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One Response to Men’s Jewelry

  1. Chris says:

    I definitely fall into the ‘no adornment’ camp when it comes to wearing jewelry and doubt that will change anytime in the near future. Cuff links, however, are really cool. I could see this.

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