Mouse Pad

Okay, I know it is a small thing, but so what.  I have been using a mouse pad from Fire Mountain Gems for years – like a really long time – like maybe 10 years??  And it’s finally gotten busted, broke down, tore up, and ready to head for the hills.

So I thought why not get a mouse pad with some of my designs.  And so I did.  I ordered it from Walgreen’s.  It was easy to do.  I uploaded the photos and their software arranged it into the look you now see.

I know a mouse pad is a small thing.  And yet, it makes me happy.  I have found however, that if you are happy with small things, you get to be happier more often than if you have to wait for big things.

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4 Responses to Mouse Pad

  1. Rose Mary says:

    When I moved my uncle into a nursing home, for his outing I would take him to Walgreens (his choice not mine). One day he wanted something to place under the lamp to prevent it from scratching the table. After racking my brain for several minutes I said, “A mouse pad”. “A what?”

    Thanks for bringing back one of the nice memories.

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      Isn’t it funny how such a small thing can trigger memories like that. I’ve had it happen to bring back memories of my beautiful parents or even something from my childhood.

      Glad to have given you a nice moment.

  2. What a wonderful wonderful post! I love how you point out the importance of little things. So many people sit around a lifetime just waiting for the big things. If they never come, it’s a lifetime of waiting. If they do, then it’s still a bunch of time before that just postponing your happiness. I’m glad you replaced your busted mouse pad with something that made you happy. And by the way, I’d be happy too if I could sit down every day and work on a mouse pad displaying your beautiful work. I love The Bead Dreamer!

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      I’m so glad you liked it and I am enjoying my new mouse pad. I don’t know what took me so long. And thanks for the love for my jewelry!

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