Creepy Crawlies

Today’s Halloween and it’s time for all sorts of ghosts and goblins, witches and bats, and creepy, crawly, slithery things.  Now, I have to tell you that I am scared of bugs.  I know I’m bigger than them, but still – terrified.  And I have been known to scream in the presence of one.

But despite that, I really liked the brass scarab that I used in this necklace.  He did not have holes drilled anywhere, so I knew I had to attach it a different way.  I ended up using very thin wire to attach it to the red piece of tin and then riveting the tin to a piece of brass.  For some reason, the rhinestone seemed like the perfect accessory for my little bug friend.  A large red bead and length of chain, and he’s all ready to go.

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