Sweater Weather

It’s sweater weather for many of us, so I thought it would be nice to show some sweaters along with options for accessorizing them with Bead Dreamer jewelry.  Gray is a color I happen to love and I adore this sweater with the play of cool and warm tones in the necklace and decidedly warm tones in the copper earrings.

Layering is still big this year.  I think it has to be because some of the clothing sold during cold months is well, thin, skimpy, and sleeveless.  I am trying to embrace this and think of the thin, sleeveless top together with the cardigan as a unit.  This way, my logical brain that says – listen up designers, people need warm clothes in cold months – can be somewhat at peace.

I digress.  Back to the accessories.  I like bringing out the olive green tones in the shirt underneath with a bracelet and pair of earrings.  A necklace would work nicely as well.

With this option, I liked reflecting the soft aqua of the sweater with jewelry in similar tones that also brings a touch of bronze to the look.  Really, she should be wearing this jewelry.  I mean, right now.  I’d love to see how it looked with this outfit.

Maybe we can’t all buy couture clothing and we shop from many of the same retailers as others.  But, our jewelry can definitely be our own.  Especially when you buy handmade.

Clothing photos courtesy J Crew.

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