Wax and Wane

Creativity is like that sometimes.  It waxes and wanes, flows and halts, gushes and sputters.  It’s just that way – at least for me.  And normally, my cup truly runneth over.  Normally I have way more ideas that I can execute, way more thoughts than I can explore, way more pathways I can dream than I could ever follow.

And that has it’s wonderfulness.  And it has its frustrations.

But this week, I’ve been tending to the other side where the flow has been a bit low.  I know by now not to panic, I know that it’s temporary, I know that looking back it’s never been for long and that things always start flowing again.  And here today, after a few days of not feeling that energy, not having that buzz, I’m past it.

And I’m back to having more ideas than I can execute. Like waves at the beach.  You ride through them.

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