Carnelian Hearts

I am so lucky to have a gorgeous strand of old (early to mid-1900’s) carnelian shapes to work with.  Some are heart shaped, some shield shaped, and others are triangular.  I love the coloration and variation in the individual pieces.  You can see the whole strand here; it took me a while to actually cut into it.

But, I finally did and have loved working with it.  I’ve used a single piece in pendants for the most part so far.  But for this piece, I wanted to use three pieces.  The real design challenge was finding the correct spacing between the three carnelian pieces.  Too close together and the necklace fell too heavily to the front.  Too far apart  and the spacing became awkward.  I kept at it and ended up with the design you see here.

I love the harmony of the blues, rusts, and caramel tones.  And, I’ve got quite a bit more of the carnelian to play with.

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