Shifting, Changing

As business owners, we must continually assess and adapt.  At least that’s my opinion.  And I’m at one of those places in my business where I am doing just that.  For years, I’ve primarily made one of a kind pieces.  I would occasionally replicate a piece, but for the most part, each piece was unique.  And that was how I wanted it.  I thought I benefited from it because of the freedom it gave me.

As my business grows, I am now questioning that line of thought.  Is it really best for me and am I benefiting as much as I thought.

This summer, I took a five-week accessory design class that focused on designing a line that consisted of multiple pieces.  The class also taught you how to make the specifications and other documents needed to get samples made and ultimately to get your product manufactured.

Going through the process of designing a line – a 12-15 piece collection that was cohesive yet had variation was an eye-opener for me.  I really liked doing it.  I liked exploring the variations.  And I realized that this type of planning and focus could be very beneficial.

Ans so, I am going to try it.  Right now, I want a mix of one of a kind and limited edition pieces.  I will live with that, see how it works for me and my business, and go from there.

We all need to strategize a little here and there.  And shift.  And change.

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