Accessorizing Camel

Camel has been a hot color this fall and it’s a beautiful color to accessorize.  Because camel is a neutral, it can provide the perfect backdrop for your accessories, allowing them to shine.  I’ve always worn camel and other tan tones either with brights, black, or white.  But this look that brings together many soft tones is subtly beautiful.  Earrings or a bracelet with those same soft tones and plenty of textures would add a lovely touch.

I think this sweater dress is interesting and definitely requires confidence and the correct foundation garments.  Because the neckline has a lot going on, I think earrings would add a beautiful accent.  The sparkly ones up top for dressy events and the gemstone and silver dangle earrings below for daytime.

I love the addition of blue or turquoise with camel and think a long necklace that falls below the cowl neck would accent the overall silhouette of this sweater and continue the figure elongation that the neckline provides.

Camel accessorizes just beautifully and while it might be popular right now, I think it’s one of those basics that never goes out of style.

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Clothing photos courtesy,, and  I received no compensation or goods from any of these clothing companies.

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