My Artistic Voice

There are so many different types of jewelry that I just love and admire.  And it is hard not to want to make them all.  I mean, they are just so gosh darn pretty.  It’s hard not to want to.

But, the truth is – when I sketch, when I draw and create what really comes out of me.  What comes out when I see no other work, when I’m not worried about “is it good enough” or “is it too different” – is a type of work that is my voice.

And when you are not used to hearing your voice, it can sound strange to you.  I want to explore it and to focus.  Yes, that means that there are many styles of jewelry that I will love but will not make.  And yes, there may be people that get my voice, and those that may not.

And all of that is fine.

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