Continuous Improvement

It’s definitely part of running a business.  I guess we all find ourselves tweaking and making changes here and there to elevate the level of what we are doing.  One of the changes I just made was to the categories on my website.  I have categories for jewelry by type – earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  But I also had another option to select by color family – cool tones, warm tones, and neutrals.

I just changed from the color categories to ones that group jewelry by style.  The first is Tribal Elements – you can see some of the items above.  I love ethnic beads, components, and jewelry and love seeing the pieces with that aesthetic all together on one page.

The second – Mixed Metals.

These are pieces that feature metal and wire more prominently.  Look for new pieces in this section.  I’m working on an entire line based on the concept of mixed metals.  They are in pieces on my work bench right now – they’ll come together and will have a nice new home on the Mixed Metals page.

The last category – Romance and Memories.

Jewelry with a softer, romantic feel or jewelry that harkens back to old memories, love letters in a box in the closet, a special key, or stolen moment.

I’m excited about the change and would love to know what you think about it.

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2 Responses to Continuous Improvement

  1. Gina says:

    I love your new categories! I love the ‘feel’ of them and the atmosphere they create. I’m in the middle of changing and rearranging mine on my site as well. I believe as we grow from the inside out, transformative changes will occur :). Here’s to lots of growth! 🙂

    • thebeaddreamer says:


      I’m glad you like them and I hope you will be happy with how yours turn out. Here’s to growth for us both!

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