PFAC Artist in Residence

The Peninsula Fine Arts Center (PFAC) is holding an “Artist’s in Residence” program this month where artists and artisans are present for a few hours to demo their work, answer questions, and of course sell their work with some of the proceeds helping PFAC.  I was in residence this past Saturday and here I am with my jewelry display.

My neighbor was ceramic artist Lynn Olgesby and not only did she have beautiful ceramics, she was such a sweet neighbor and a dear to be around.  And prolific – she made at least 10 pieces on the wheel while we were there.  I mentioned how quick she was at making them and she said she was holding back – she wanted her clay to last for the entire time we were there.  My stars!

She also explained that there were a lot of steps that had to follow for the newly thrown pieces to become finished items.  I know exactly what she means.  I made earwires and chain while I was there.  The earwires come together fairly quickly, but then need hammering, darkening, and the ends need to be smoothed so they are comfortable to put on.

Thank you everyone who came out and supported us and PFAC.  I enjoyed it and hope to have the opportunity to do this again.

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