24 Enamel Pendants

I’ve been following Thomasin Durgin’s Ring a Day for 2010 and have just loved seeing what she came up with.  She recently announced a Ring a Week for 2011 and I have to say I was pretty tempted.  I liked the idea of a challenge but after thinking about it, decided I wanted a challenge that was tailored to me and where I was in my journey with jewelry making.

So, I’ve decided that my challenge for 2011 would be to make 24 enamel pendants.  One a week felt like too much and one  every month didn’t feel like enough.  So, I decided on 24 or about two a month.

The photo for this post?  Well, since  at this point there are zero enamel pendants, this image represents the fact that there are none.  But some are coming.  I promise.

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