Fire Agate Necklace

This is one of those necklaces that I loved making.  And then when I finished it, I asked myself – is it too different?  And I really don’t know why I questioned it.  Because isn’t that the point – to create something that is unique?  And so, it will end up perhaps being perceived as different, but it is exactly what I felt and saw while I worked on it.

My inspiration was the little stone in the pendant.  It is one of those stones that you find on a table or box somewhere that sells gems or rocks.  And for whatever reason, stones like this seem to end up all together where you can dig through them.  Unlike stones that have a more elevated status and get to live behind the counter.  I just loved the colors in it and loved its curving shape.

I set created a tab setting for it and then soldered the tab setting to another piece of copper to frame the pendant.  I stamped in circles because of the curving colorations in the stones.  And I chose beads that brought out all of the colors in the stone – fire agate, purple chalcedony, shell, rust nut beads, purple glass, some small pieces of black wood, and of course, more copper.  And I love it in all its differentness.

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