Jewelry Technique: Stamping Metal

Taking a metal stamp, setting it on metal, and hitting it with a hammer – sounds easy, right? Until you lift the stamp up and see a partial impression like the one on the left. Then you either give up disgusted or try to align the stamp in the grooves from the partial impression and hit it again, hoping to avoid any shift that leaves a double impression. Not pretty.

The problem is the design on the bottom of the stamp is smaller than the stamp itself. This makes the stamp prone to leaning to one side or wobbling. Right when you come down on it with a hammer.

There may be other ways to do it, but here’s what works for me.

I find that holding the stamp down low so that my hand rests on my bench anvil gives me the stability I need and the stamp does not wobble or rock. Previously I held my hand about midway up the stamp and got varied results. This little shift in how I held the stamp improved my odds tremendously. If you are having problems stamping metal, try this and see if it helps you too.

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