A Discussion on Splitting Threads

During dinner last night, talk turned to bead weaving. And what kind of thread people used. There were those that used Fireline. Those using C-Lon and Nymo. Then we started talking about whether or not we dealt with loose ends as we went along or left them until the end. I always left them to the end, so I knew where they were and when I began knotting the loose ends, I wouldn’t go back through one of the knots I’d completed.

Then Kate said that she never knotted. I asked her if it was because she had made so many passes through the beads that they were full of thread. She said, no. She said that while making a piece she purposefully split threads attempting to create not just a weaving of beads but also a weaving of the underlying thread structure supporting the beads. She had even previously crushed two pieces of bead weaving to see how well the threads held together. The threads she had woven together by splitting threads held together even after the beads were removed. The other piece did not.

I always thought splitting threads was a bad thing and I told her that. She says its only bad if you need to back out. And she tries to never need to back out. She examines the stitch while the needle is still in the bead. If it’s right, she completes the stitch.  Her manner of working sounds so thoughtful and purposeful.

I love learning and her generosity in sharing.

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2 Responses to A Discussion on Splitting Threads

  1. kate mckinnon says:

    I only wish we had time to sit together and bead! What a pleasure that would be.

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