Leafy Bead Caps

Horn Bead and Custom Bead Cap Earrings

There was a time when I barely used bead caps. For those of you that might not make jewelry, they are components, usually metal, that cover part of a bead, adding a decorative touch. I think the reason I didn’t bother much was when I first began making jewelry, I only had exposure to commercial bead caps that were flimsy, rather dreadful pieces that I felt cheapened rather than enhanced beads.

Things have improved a lot and there are a huge number of other options available to us these days. The are very nice commercial ones – sterling silver, Hill Tribes, and Bali silver. And there are custom handmade ones too – they can be just exquisite. Here are some I made – they are rounded squares hammered with a leaf pattern and then formed so they curve around the bead. I’ve added them to horn beads with a small black glass bead underneath.

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5 Responses to Leafy Bead Caps

  1. Cory Celaya says:

    Hello Charlene…

    After reading your post, you might hate what I am sending to challenge you at the bead soup party.
    I am an eco artist highly influenced by several, but especially a teacher I was lucky to have by the name of Bob Ebendorf. He makes beautiful jewelry with found objects and he opened my mind to possibilities.

    Can’t wait to see what you create with my “stuff.”

    BTW, I love the earrings.

    • thebeaddreamer says:


      I must say I’m intrigued and can’t wait to see what you send. I promise to have an open mind and even if it’s a crab claw (I’ve seen Bob’s work), I’ll try to create something beautiful.

      The point is to stretch ourselves and also connect with another jewelry artisan. Looks like there is the ability for both to happen.

  2. Absolutely beautiful blog spot – very much a mirror of you Charlene.

  3. kate mckinnon says:

    I love your balled and hammered headpins and wraps as well. Very nice!

    I like to make beadcaps out of fine silver metal clay; it’s a snap to cut the circles out of textured fresh clay, fire them flat, and dap them in a dapping block.

    Like you, I like making my own, and dapping them to fit the bead.

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