A Lady and Her Tools

Metal working equipment

We met at Kate’s every morning at 9:00. The first day I was timid, but that didn’t last long. The welcome was just too warm, too genuine for that to last. So every day after that, when I arrived I said good morning to everyone and went to get a cup of coffee. Kate always had things set out so beautifully – cloth napkins, lovely dishes, cream in a creamer. Just nicely done.

It wasn’t until the third day that I realized there tumbler was behind the coffee serving area. And is that a brass brush I see in the upper left? I’m thinking yes.

And don’t I know how it is. Metalwork takes a lot of stuff – metal sheet, wire, tools and equipment. Pickle pots. Liver of sulphur containers. Torches. And those of us who have home studios that do double duty as living spaces have to be creative in our use of space. So when I saw Kate’s tumbler tucked away behind the coffee, I smiled. And took this photo. Is it a coincidence that it all matches? Or did the ever clever Kate plan it all out?

I bet she’s not telling.

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5 Responses to A Lady and Her Tools

  1. Love it. When I use my tumbler, it’s by the coffee pot. I have things stuffed in so many places that it’s all just become “home” things.

    “Haven’t we always lived this way, honey?”

    “Wait, dear, um, didn’t you used to work in high tech, not jewelry?”

    “Ah, but there were no HAMMERS in high tech. Or if there were, you were doing it wrong.”

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      LOL. Lori, maybe I need to see it differently – see it all as “home” things. I bet I can get away with a lot more than I have now. Sweet!!!

  2. kate mckinnon says:

    Ha! I forget at this point that EVERYONE doesn’t have a tumbler and set of brushes and files in their kitchen. It seems so normal to me.

  3. I never even noticed the tumbler. Good eye. I was always fixated on the coffee.

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